keskiviikko 19. marraskuuta 2014

Nakina ON Canada, blessed little town

Nakina, a small town far away in the middle of the forest, waiting for Christmas, then as well as today. Streets, houses, trees, and all covered with snow. Cold frost, and wind in the corners of houses. Wolves howled in the forests, the bears were sleeping in their nests. Everywhere peace and good will. People of the city were preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Christmas presents were prepared in an atmosphere of excitement and expectation. Dreaming of a white Christmas.
I chose these two cards describe the small town Nakina.

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  1. Kauniit kortit;missä Nakina on`?

  2. Nyt olen minä melkein sanaton!
    Aivan ihana postaus!

    Suosituimmat postaukset -listassasi näyttää olevan hyvin kiinnostavia aiheita...

  3. Jael, Nakina sijaitsee Kanadassa Thunder Bay alueella n 400 kilometrin päässä. Muistaakseni highway 17.
    Sara, kiitos innostamisesta, mukava jatkaa bloggaamista.

  4. Delightful images and beautiful words describing waiting for Christmas.

    I don't know any Finnish, but does your previous comment ( made by you) say that Nakina is a village in Canada 400 km north of Thunder Bay? Here I thought it was in Finland. I'm going to look it up!

  5. Nakina is located in the Greenstone area. take highway 11 to Nipigon, then the road to Geralton 580 and go north road 584. There is Nakina

  6. Oh my word these are so beautiful and what a wonderful story you are a lady with so many talents, awesome post.
    lorraine x