maanantai 27. maaliskuuta 2017

March 2017

Glittering spring snows have changed a dirty gray and debris in these days. That's why I want to save these photos to commemorate this wonderful time. I have dealt with these images the camera watercolor effects. Spring is on its way. Today is raining really heavily sleet. The old adage says, the new snow is the death of the old snow.

maanantai 6. maaliskuuta 2017

Deep in the heart of the countryside

This morning, the colors in nature are different from what they were yesterday. Wonderful March! The colors will change, because the frost tension can vary widely on a daily basis. Yesterday was -19 C and today -9 C. Tree branches are frozen, but the trunks as if melted since yesterday. This creates a wonderful color contrast.

Olen muokannut kuvia saadakseni esille sen mitä silmäni näkevät - jotakin sadun omaista tänäkin aamuna. Rakastan maisemaani.

sunnuntai 5. maaliskuuta 2017


Surprise, surprise, this winter has been such a great surprise. Even in January to , it seemed that there will not be much snow and the weather is going to be mild. However, everything is completely different now. There is a lot of snow and cold days. We have a saying, winter is coming, sooner or later, later this year. Fortunately so, because we think that the summer will be on time.

Ihana maaliskuu, etenkin nämä aurinkoiset päivät, Ihan väkisinkin mieleen tulevat keväiset päivät suurine toiveineen suloisesta kuumasta kesästä. Tulisikin kuuma kesä, kerrankaan, tulisi sellainen , että saisi läkähtyä kuumuuteen. Tässä kohtaa tuppaa epäilys tulemaan mieleen, näkeeköhän sitä sellaista koskaan.

Kinoksia navetan takana, valoa ja varjoja.

White birch trunks glow at the edge of the ditch.

I came back homeward, in the sun, and it seemed like warming my face.

Lot of snow.