tiistai 30. joulukuuta 2008

Sky is blue

After long cloudy period the blue sky appeared Boxing Day morning . It was miracle . The days are getting longer every day . - Odd thing , before Christmat I kept sayin , I love darknes . Well , well , now I say it's time to start waiting bright days .

Somehow I lost my inspiration . Nothing to put on the blog !!

3 kommenttia:

  1. What a wonderful photo. I love snow photo's.

    I stopped by from a friends blog to wish you a Super New year!!!

  2. What a beautiful picture! You can keep them coming. I won't be putting anything new on my blog until after the New Year. I decided I wanted to clean out my stamps & my craft room - What the heck was I thinking?????? Oy, it's taking longer than I anticipated. But I won't stop until its done and, hopefully, it'll be done early next week! But I will be checking my blog friends, so keep these beauties coming and a very Happy New Year to you and yours.


  3. Beautiful photo ago and the few words you said were just right. :-) Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.