perjantai 2. tammikuuta 2009

My New Year Speach

I was young in 1950s and never ever dreamed I'll live in 2009 nor I'll be able to think enything .

When we are young we think everybody over 30 is old and die soon .

Now I'm living full life and every day brings different goods to me .

World is different now , everything is changed everywhere , feels like evil take hold of everything . How this happened , how we let it happen ?

I believe WE SURVIVE . We'll learn to live in this defferent " melting pot " .

In 1960s there was a time we thought we muts be free . We got too free . There must have some rules . Everything is in our own hands . If there is enough good people and they keep doing good things we can save a lot . My husband use to say : " If you are down , the only thing to do is , GET UP .

Here in Finland we are still in good hands , but who knows . Our economy is in good balans and we are not invalved eny war . I was born in 1940 and it was second world war time . Whole country was in the midle of the war . But we survived .



3 kommenttia:

  1. You said that so well, and I can relate to it all! I've already outlived both my parents - who died young. Mom at 52 and Dad at 42. I'm now 62! Who knew. But you're right, everyday is a new blessing!

    This photo is another beauty! How peaceful it all is.

    Stef H

  2. It is so funny how your New Year's speech is so similar to the one I wrote on my blog. The world has changed ... who would have thought about 2009 .. and so forth. We have very similar opinions - :-)