perjantai 7. elokuuta 2009

Moon in August

This time I want to show you defferent moon picture . Tonight it looks so yellow and big . Wery defferent . The moon is so romantic in August .

4 kommenttia:

  1. i remember when we first moved into our home. over the back deck the moon was coming up and it was almost like a harvest moon. big, orange and beautiful. i ran and got my camera (a polaroid at the time) and snapped my picture. HOLY CRAP! it was a totally black picture with a teeny tiny orange dot on it. hubby burst out laughing and i don't think he's stopped ever since!!!! this is just what that moon looked like too! you are a far better photographer than i could ever be. but i'm still laughing anyway!


  2. What an incredible picture!

    Kuu on aina ihmeellinen, maaginen, lumoava...

  3. Upea kuva ja kuten Rita sanoo, maaginen. Täälläkin päin maailmaa on juuri nyt täysikuu.

  4. A goregous photo looks like a post card!