tiistai 13. huhtikuuta 2010

Spring is on the way

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  1. Oi pajunkissoja! Ihanaa katsella kuvista miten kevät teillä etenee....

  2. oh i haven't seen pussy willows in years! we've had a taste of spring, a taste of summer, not quite more winter.... a whole slew of weather. but the nice weather seems to be winning out - hooray!

    how r u my friend? hope all is well. things good here!

  3. Hiya how nice to see you posting pictures again I have been wondering where you had got to.

    These are wonderful pictures I can't believe that there is still snow on the ground where you are mind you we are having some really cold winds here. Loving the Pussy Willows like Stef haven't seen them in years it brings back happy memories.
    Lorraine x

  4. Ihania kevätkuvia. Tulee hyvä mieli kun niitä katselee ja ajattelee kevättä.